Why You Should Use A Stand Up Tanning Bed

by Tanning Fanatic on May 22, 2009

Stand Up Tanning Bed

The most popular method of indoor tanning is laying down on a tanning bed, but stand up tanning booths are becoming more and more popular.

Which is better? It’s more a personal preference than anything, but there are some benefits of using a stand up.

The main benefit is that your more likely to get a more even tanning with a standing bed. The openness of the bed proves a more thorough tan, plus the lamps and reflectors spread the rays more evenly across the body.

The most obvious benefit is that you can stand up while tanning, the stand up beds are usually larger which allows more freedom to the tanner. Its perfect for people who want more space or for people who don’t like to lay down. With a stand up bed, you won’t be uncomfortable because of the way your laying and there’s less chance f tanning streaks because of natural physical creases in the skin.

Stand up beds usually have stronger bulbs than many of the lay down beds. The result is that you get a darker tan, but can also do it in a shorter amount of time.

Of course, there is one one major disadvantage – the fact that you have to stand up the whole time. For some people tanning laying down is more relaxing.

Overall, the choice is up to you. A lot of people like to mix it up, to get the most even dark tan.

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