What is a Spray Tan Cocktail?

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  • November 12, 2010

In addition to trying to be the best indoor tanning blog the world has ever known, or better yet because we want to be the best indoor tanning bed blog the world has ever know, we post tanning information articles from time to time. I know, your use to the awesome pictures of perfect tans and perfect spray tans that we post, but we also like to help out tanners by posting things like “How to Get a Perfect Spray Tan“. Everyone really seems to like that one.

One of our long time Facebook Fan Page fans recently asked, “What is a spray tan cocktail and what can it do for me?”. We would be silly not to take a moment to post what a spray tan cocktail is and how it helps you get a better spray tan.

About Spray Tan Cocktails

Airbrush Tan Cocktail

What is a Spray Tan Cocktail?

A spray tan cocktail is when a tanner uses a stand-up tanning booth or no-touch tanning equipment for a short period of time (4-7 minutes) prior to getting a spray tan.

Why Would I Get a Spray Tan Cocktail?

Tanning in a stand-up tanning booth before a sunless spray tanning session opens up your pours allowing the spray tan solution to penetrate deeper into the skin. A deeper spray tan will last longer, for best results exfoliate your skin with an exfoliator before getting a spray tan cocktail or airbrush cocktail.

Does Every Salon Offer Spray Tanning Cocktails?

Any indoor tanning salon that offers sunless spray tanning services and offers stand-up tanning booth services should be able to set you up with an airbrush cocktail. If they don’t have one in their computer system ask them if they can figure out a price for you, then see how your results vary from your normal spray tan session.

How Much Does a Spray Tan Cocktail Cost?

This is something that will vary depending on your area and tanning salon location. Extreme Tan and Smoothies offers custom sunless airbrush cocktail sessions for only $30.

Don’t forget if you want the perfect spray tan check out our, “How to Get a Perfect Sunless Tan” post.

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  • Effy says:

    Should i still use my usual tanning lotion before using the tanning bed although im going to be using the spray tanning? Or could that block my pores?

    • Hi Effy. GREAT question!

      CalTan makes a special product that can be used for sunless cocktails. Other than a specific “Cocktail” lotion like the CT one I mentioned, I wouldn’t apply lotion before a spray tan. I’m going to write a future article featuring the product I’m talking about! Thanks for the idea :)

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