Want a Week of Free Tanning?

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  • November 7, 2010

Free tanning at Tampa Bay’s best tanning salon in the most extreme 20 minute tanning beds around might seem like a tough task. I mean what indoor tanning salon company would offer free tanning? O.k. maybe I’m getting a little carried away with this free tanning thing, but we always get excited and get behind our local sports teams and we usually do it in a big way.

Last week when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Arizona Cardinals in Arizona we couldn’t help but offer an entire free week of tanning in any of our 20 minute extreme tanning beds. The weather has gotten a little chilly over the last week, everyone seemed pretty excited about warming up in one of our cozy tanning beds.

Earlier today Extreme John, the founder of Extreme Tan and Smoothies posted the following status update on his Facebook Fan Page and @extremejohn on Twitter letting everyone know that Extreme Tan and Smoothies would be offering more FREE TANNING!

Free Tanning if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win

If the #Bucs defeat the Falcons today Extreme Tan and Smoothies will continue free tanning for another week for all of Tampa Bay.

Free Tan Tampa Bay

That’s it, what a simple way to get some free tanning around the Tampa Bay area. Tune in since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL game isn’t blacked out since they are playing in Atlanta, cheer on the Bucs who happen to be tied for first place BTW. Once the Bucs defeat the Atlanta Falcons the free tans for Tampa Bay kick in and last until Saturday November 13, 2010 at 9pm.

That’s right free tanning in any 20 minute extreme tanning bed from Monday November 8 – Saturday November 13 at any Extreme Tan and Smoothies location. bring a friend they can tan free too.

P.s. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Indoor Tanning Update, it’s got some great pictures and indoor tanning information for you to soak in before the football game starts.