Top Secret Scoop on Blackout Friday

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  • November 21, 2007

Well tomorrow is Turkey Day which means only 2 more days until Blackout Friday. We spent a large part of the day finishing up the signage, testing the club lights, loading up the 50% off indoor tanning lotions and posting the signs in the salon to give everyone a sneak peek at some of the specials for Blackout Friday. Since im writing this update and I was able to see what some of the 50% off lotion’s were I figured I can tell you a few of them here. Some of the 50% Off Lotions include Designer Skin MOOD, O.C Overnight Celebrity, O.C Out of Control, Devoted Creations HARMONY and the mega hot lotion from RSun Tanning O.C Still Summer! There’s no way your going to ever get a better price on any of the lotions I listed, especially O.C Still Summer one of this years top selling tanning lotions.

I was also able to see a couple of the tanning specials for Friday, I know that for the first time ever and for the first 20 customers you can get 1 Month of Unlimited Tanning for $5!!!!! For an entire month of tanning. I also saw a tan in any bed for $150 special which is just amazing, we have never offered that before.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the inside scoop on some of Fridays specials.