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Designer Skin Black 20X

by Tanning Fanatic on March 16, 2010

Retro week here at Extreme Tan and Smoothies is still going strong and today it’s time for another Designer Skin favorite – Designer Skin Black 20X! As with all of our lotions from vintage week you can pick up a bottle of Designer Skin Black 20x indoor tanning lotion at any one of our locations! Designer Skin Black 20X Designer Skin Black 20X is a silicone emulsion that treats your skin with maximum hydration leaving it silky soft and smooth This delicious bronzer uses 3X Mega Melamaxâ„¢ to ensure dark [Continue Reading]


Black 20X Tanning Lotion

Today, I tried out the Black – Ultimate 20X Bronzing Body Silk tanning lotion. This is another very popular tanning lotion that you can find at Extreme Tan And Smoothies. I liked the results, I felt and looked darker as soon as I stepped out of the tanning bed and I kept getting darker as the day went on, but this wasn’t a tanning lotion that I’d use on a regular basis. What got me about this tanning lotion was the smell. It was okay going on, nothing to write [Continue Reading]


Top Tanning Lotions

by Tanning Fanatic on March 19, 2009

Black 20X

Probably the most common question I hear is “What are the top tanning lotions?” We’ll here’s the top 4 at Extreme Tan And Smoothies right now. Posh Couture – Is a tanning lotion with 30x silicone bronzer and tanning stimulator from Devoted Creations. Contains acai oil – a powerful fruit oil loaded with antioxidants Tanning simulators – enhances tanning experience with an immediate skin sensation Silicone emulsion – provides a soft, velvet feel to the skin that lasts the entire day Matrixyl – targeted anti-aging complex that reduces the appearance [Continue Reading]