Mood by Designer Skin

by Tanning Fanatic on November 27, 2011

Yesterday we dropped in with a little information on another one of our 2012 indoor tanning lotions that has been added to the mix! Liberate by Designer Skin is an amazing indoor tanning lotion that brings results but if you like things really hot then Mood by Designer Skin is for you!

Designer Skin Mood Indoor Tanning Lotion

Mood by Designer Skin

Designer Skin has some hot new lotions for this upcoming 2012 indoor tanning season and Mood is one of the darkest of the bunch! Mood is one of the hottest indoor tanning lotions around for serious players of the game. Why play if the game isn’t intense? If you’re ready for the big league then this new lotion is for you! This hot lotion has a quadruple bronzer and is guaranteed to make you sizzle! This is one of the most extreme indoor tanning products that we carry and is not for the faint of heart. The intense advanced bronzing formula bathes your skin in a lush caramel color that you won’t be able to get enough of!

Final Thoughts

Mood is just one of the hottest new lotions that we are carrying for the 2012 indoor tanning season here at Extreme Tan and Smoothies! Just keep in mind that Mood from Designer Skin can only be purchased at an Extreme Tan and Smoothies salon location and is not available through our online tanning lotion website!

Your Turn

Have you already tried Mood by Designer Skin? Leave a comment and share your thoughts on this hot new lotion below!

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