Matahari Dark Sexy Legs

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  • March 18, 2010

Retro Week at Extreme Tan and Smoothies is already fast coming to an end but we still have some of our favorite retro lotions to share with you before it does!

You can find the Matahari Dark Sexy Legs lotion at every one of the Extreme Tan and Smoothies salon locations so if this sounds like your kind of lotion drop in and pick it up before laying in one of our beds!

Matahari Dark Sexy Legs

  • Matahari Dark Sexy Legs is a firming dark tanning creme that incorporates soft triple bronzers as well as hair growth inhibitors with BareEnvyâ„¢ technology.
  • Vitatan® 2000 technology ensures the delivery of a golden base tan
  • Incorporation of Javanese Coffee ST Plus firms skin while creating an even tone and targeting “orange-peel” areas of the legs.
  • Jasmine, Neroli, and Patchouli Oils within Matahari Dark Sexy Legs provide a deep and seductive scent to increase feelings of self confidence and sensuous appeal.
  • Does Matahari Dark Sexy Legs sound like a lotion that would benefit your long sexy legs? If so come by Extreme Tan and Smoothies and pick up a bottle today and be on your way to dark sexy legs in no time!