JWOWW Releases A New Tanning Lotion!

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  • March 23, 2011

You have to know by now that we love Jersey Shore in this neck of the woods…remember our Snooki post? or the fact that we ran a series of Extreme Tan and Smoothies commercials during Jersey Shore? So when we heard that JWoww was teaming up with Australian Gold to release a brand new indoor tanning lotion we couldn’t wait to share the news!

JWoww Releases Another Tanning Lotion

This week Jenni “Jwoww” Farley announced that she has again teamed up with Australian Gold to create her second indoor tanning product. The JWOWW Ultra Tanning Dark Bronzer by Australian Gold is the second pairing of JWoww with Australian Gold since the two paired up to create the incredibly successful JWOWW Black Bronzer previously. Jwoww admits that tanning is a huge part of her life and perhaps this is why her first teaming with Australian Gold went so well?

Final JWoww Thoughts

JWoww admits that tanning makes her feel “sexier” and we know that a lot of our longtime clients feel that way too!

Your Turn

Have you tried JWoww’s indoor tanning lotions yet? What did you think? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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  • marissa says:

    jwoww tanning lotion is amazing! it makes you much darker than other bronzing lotions. i love it and cant wait for the new one to come out!

  • Robin says:

    i used it for the first time yesterday and i loved it , i love any lotion that has a dark base color to begin with, also im hard to tan so when i tried this out i was like wow lol no pun intended, so i got my a big bottle today, i always use whapituie so i guess i have a new fav

  • Riley says:

    I bought JWOWWs ultra toning black bronzer the other day, I personally prefer this lotion more than my Luminary and my Obsidian tanning lotions. That says a lot. :)

  • Mandy Minger says:

    I love jwoww’s tanning lotion I use it every time I tan. I’m on my second bottle and have gotten darker than any other lotion I’ve used it really is worth the money!

  • Jen says:

    Hi am from scotland and was wondering how i would be able to get jwowws tanning lotion, ?x

  • Mary Adams says:

    I used your lotion and I am broke out in itchy hives. OMG I itch so bad. I love JWOW but I will NEVER use this lotion again!!!

  • Wendy G says:

    I am LOVING Jwoww 50x bronzer. Smells delish && see results immediately. Just remember to wash your hands immediately after applying HAHA 😉

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