How to Really Use a Lay down Tanning Bed

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  • March 16, 2012

Here at Extreme Tan and Smoothies we get all kinds of questions via e-mail, often times they are questions that indoor tanning fans or future indoor tanners are afraid to ask about certain types of tanning when they are in our store. One of the most commonly asked questions that we face from new comers to indoor tanning is how to use our “extreme” 20 minute tanning beds.

How to Use a Tanning Bed

Tanning Bed

People are sometimes too embarrassed to walk in to an indoor tanning salon and ask how regular indoor tanning beds work. It is perfectly natural to have questions and here at Extreme Tan and Smoothies we always have plenty of well educated team members on hand who are always willing to answer any question that you might have! Just remember, it’s better to know how to use a lay down tanning bed and do it correctly than not to know how and do it the wrong way! Using our lay down tanning beds is easy. The first step is ensuring that you have chosen a tanning lotion that is not only suited to your skin but one that is also expressly for indoor tanning. This lotion should be applied to your skin around thirty minutes before your indoor tanning appointment to allow your skin to absorb and be protected by the product. Once you get to the salon you will be taken to a tanning booth where the door will lock so that you are not disturbed during your tanning session. After your technician explains how to work your bed, lock the door behind them as they leave and strip down to what you are comfortable wearing while you tan. Make sure to always wear your protective eye wear and use the pillow provided to support your neck while tanning. There is no need to flip over during tanning in our indoor tanning beds, simply lay back, feel the breeze of the fan and let the tanning bed do all the work!After your tan is complete apply an after tanning moisturizer to help to keep your skin from drying out while your tan continues to develop.

Final Thoughts

Using a lay down tanning bed may sound simple enough but for many first time tanners, not knowing how to use a tanning bed is a real concern.

Your Turn

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  • Stephanie says:

    after you tan can you shower then moisterize? What is a good moisterizer?

    • It’s recommended that you wait at least 2-4 hours after tanning to shower and remove your tanning lotion. There’s a variety of moisturizers out there that are salon approved for tanning. Ask any tanning salon consultant at your local salon what moisturizer is best for you. They will have a better idea of whats best for you after visually seeing your skin type.

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