How to Get Free Tanning til Labor Day

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  • June 3, 2011

Free tanning until Labor Day. Yes, you read it right and no, there’s no crazy tanning gimmick or some crazy long term contract and there’s no fine print that says you need to purchase anything in order to get free tanning until Labor Day. I know it sounds crazy to some of you, or based on our Facebook Page response, MOST OF YOU. :) Instead of thinking of it as being “crazy” we prefer, “Extreme”.

No sense in keeping everyone on a cliff about how to get free tanning until Labor Day at any Extreme Tan and Smoothies location, as a matter of fact it’s ALL of Extreme Tan and Smoothies locations.

How to Tan Free at Extreme Tan and Smoothies

Before you begin you’re going to want to “like” Extreme Tan and Smoothies on Facebook.

Free Tanning Until Labor Day

Post the Above Photo on Facebook

Take a moment to save the above photo to your desktop. Once you do, login to Facebook and upload the photo to your Facebook profile.

Tag Extreme Tan and Smoothies Facebook Page

Before you submit the photo to post to your Facebook wall be sure to TAG Extreme Tan and Smoothies either in the image itself or in the comment that you can leave on the photo.

In order to TAG Extreme Tan and Smoothies enter the @ symbol and begin typing Extreme Tan and Smoothies, as long as your Facebook privacy settings are setup to do so you will see Extreme Tan and Smoothies in a convenient drop down. Select us and it will tag us.

Facebook Tag Example Screenshot

How to Tag a Facebook Page

In order to TAG us in the actual photo, please see, “How to Tag Facebook Pages in Facebook Pictures“.

Please remember that properly tagging either us or us in the image will allow us to see it, if you do not tag us or your privacy settings don’t permit it would mean that we wouldn’t be able to see it in order to verify your tanning package.

Processing Info

Once you do the above please allow 48 hours for processing. Basically, give us a little time to get you added to the system along with your free tanning package that will last until Labor Day assuming that you do not remove the Facebook tag you initially applied or stop “liking” the page.

How Does this Work for VIP Club Members

Since VIP club members already receive unlimited monthly tanning we had to be creative in making sure that our VIP Clubbers get something super special. If you’re an Extreme Tan and SMoothies VIP Club member and follow the above instructions you will receive a $44.49 gift card to be used towards product purchases.

Yes, again this is real and there’s no crazy hitch.

Free Tanning Until Labor Day Fine Print

  • Tag must remain in place for free tanning to continue.
  • Tag MUST show on our Facebook wall in order to be eligible.
  • Free tanning valid on 20 minute Extreme tanning beds only.
  • This offer expires on September 5, 2011. Labor Day.
  • There is NO CONTRACT and NO GIMMICKS. It is exactly what it says it is.

See You Soon

Our Facebook Page has been buzzing since the minute we announced that the best tanning salon in Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater will be offering this crazy free tan event to our Tampa Bay #Florida tanners. Take advantage of this tanning special event!

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