How to Get a Perfect Spray Tan

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  • November 4, 2010

Figuring out how to get a perfect spray tan is much easier then one might think. When it comes to figuring out how to get the perfect spray tan every time all you need to do from now on is refer to this post. Set your bookmark because this post won’t have all of the extra fluff and non-sense that those spray booth companies want you to believe. We all know the perfect spray tan is done by a certified airbrush technician, not a sunless tanning booth.

Here’s what your going to need to do to achieve a natural bronze perfect spray tan every time you spray tan.

How to Get a Perfect Spray Tan Every Time

Before a Spray Tan

Shower and Exfoliate Before You Spray Tan

Before you spray tan session, there are a couple things you should do to prepare your skin to obtain the best tan possible. First being that you pay close attention to your elbows, knees, ankles, face and any other areas of rough or dry skin. We recommend using a mild, fragrance free soap with a loofah and for best results we recommend using PINK Exfoliator Gel.

After Showering

  • Avoid Any Lotions, moisturizers, deodorant or perfumes.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing.
  • Try to avoid white and/or your wearing your better clothes.
  • Solution washes out of most fabrics except silk, leather and nylon.

During an Airbrush Tan

  • Wear whatever you feel comfortable in – Bathing suit, underwear or nude.
  • Please note that any clothing worn during an airbrush spray tan session will leave tan lines.

Because the skin on your hands and feet is not very porous we do not recommend spraying directly on those areas because it has a tendency to turn orange and blotchy, the over spray from the rest of your body will give it just the right amount of color to look natural and blend in.

After Spray Tan Care

  • Wait at least six (6) hours before showering.
  • Avoid any contact with water or any physical activity that would result in sweating.
  • Moisturizer daily with a tan extending moisturizer formulated for after spray tan care, we recommend Stay Dark or All That Shimmers.
  • Tanning bed or stand-up tanning booth tanning will prolong your results. [after spray tan care]

What to Expect After a Spray Tan

  • The product we use at Extreme Tan and Smoothies contains cosmetic Bronzer which will progressively darken until you take a shower, most spray tan solution contains cosmetic bronzer unless otherwise specified.
  • Expect a shiny dark complexion until you shower.
  • Expect the cosmetic bronzer to rinse off once you have showered which will produce a tea colored run off.
  • Even though the cosmetic bronzer is washing off, your tan will still be there.
  • Your darkest tan will show on the third day. For example, if you get an Airbrush tan on Wednesday, your darkest tan day will be Friday.
  • A little color might come off on your clothes or your sheets before your initial shower.
  • The effects of a spray tan wearing off are reduced when using an after spray tan extender or after spray tan moisturizer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spray Tanning

How long does a spray tan last?

It depends on the following factors:

  • How long you shower or bathe.
  • What products you use (exfoliators, soap, etc)
  • How much you exercise or sweat.
  • How well you moisturize.
  • Shaved frequently causes tan to fade quicker.

Spray Tan Before and After Results Video

Here is a quick video that shows the results of following our “How to get a Perfect Spray Tan” and spray tanning tips. Special thanks to Lake and Nerm for being part of this before and after spray tan video, you can also see our full length spray tan video by checking out Nerm’s spray tanning video.

Before and After Spray Tan Pictures

Spray Tan Results Picture

Lake shows off her after spray tan results by removing her Tantu after her airbrush tanning session.

Best Spray Tan Results Possible

Amber shows off the after sunless tanning results that she achieved after 1 uvfree spray tan session. Instant results with a flawless dark natural looking tan.

It’s important to note that you should have the same perfect spray tan results regardless if you tan at an actual spray tan salon or have a mobile spray tan company deliver your tan directly to you at your home or office, especially a high quality mobile spray tan company.

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  • Also, when you come in to get sprayed, make sure you are make-up, lotion and deodarant free!
    Makeup blocks the solution on your face and doesn’t allow it to fully sink in. Same with lotions.
    Deodarant actually changed the PH levels in your skin and you’d be surprised just how far around your arm that it spreads. This creates a barrier on your skin where the solution can’t penetrate and can leave a ring around your arm!

    My special tip: if you get sprayed at night and you decide to wait until morning to shower, but a little bit of moisturizer on the palms of your hand. That way if you accidentally sleep with your hand on your face or leg, the solution won’t soak into your palms!

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