Health Benefits Of Indoor Tanning

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  • July 28, 2009

Indoor tanning can actually be good for your health, assuming you follow the tanning salon’s guidelines and tan in moderation.

UVB rays (emitted by the sun and home tanning beds) are the best ways to get Vitamin D because it’s actually difficult to get it through your diet. The other good way to get enough Vitamin D is through supplements.

Indoor tanning is an excellent source for Vitamin D, which is something the body needs. Studies show that people who get a lot of Vitamin D tend to be healthier. Other studies show that people with Vitamin D deficiencies tend to suffer from several different medical conditions.

There’s evidence that it helps prevent colon, prostate and breast cancers. One report showed that taking Vitamin D supplements reduced the mortality rate from any cause by seven percent.

Vitamin D also helps with the absorption of serotonin in your brain, which effects moods and can cause depression. This is why seasonal depression exists. This also explains why there is a higher instance of depression in areas that have low amounts of UVB rays (northern states, rainy states, polluted cities).

Vitamin D deficiencies are dangerous. The comorbidity of Vitamin D deficiencies and other illnesses is very high. Especially among mental illnesses. It has yet to be proven if there is a direct correlation, but the comorbidity statistics have prompted a lot of research.

The basics of what you need to know are this. First of all, Vitamin D is very good for you. It has many health benefits for your body. In addition, it is believed that it may actually prevent some serious illnesses (so this is a benefit that you may never even know about – which is a good thing). Secondly, Vitamin D deficiencies are very bad for you.

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