Extreme Tan And Smoothies TV Commercial: Spray Tan

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  • April 30, 2010

Well earlier in the week we shared with you the first Extreme Tan And Smoothies ‘The Perfect Tan‘ commercial. On Wednesday we shared the second Extreme Tan and Smoothies commercial titled ‘Tan Naked‘. So there’s only one thing left to do today, share with you the third and final Extreme Tan and Smoothies commercial titled ‘Spray Tan’ !

The ‘Spray Tan’ commercial showcases the Extreme Tan and Smoothies Spray Tan and uvfree tanning for those who don’t want to get under the tanning bulbs!

Just like our other two commercials this television ad will be appearing through out the Tampa area on cable stations like MTV, TBS and more. Keep an eye out for it on a television screen near you.