Dark Tanning Tip of the Week: Pre-Apply Tanning Lotion

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  • May 1, 2011

One thing that most people tend to do when they apply tanning lotion is to walk in to the salon and once they get in to the tanning room they apply their lotion. In order to get the most benefit out of your indoor tanning lotion this is not the way to go!

Dark Tanning Tip: Pre-Apply Tanning Lotion

Pre-applying your tanning lotion is one of the best tips that you can get in terms of getting the most out of your indoor tanning experience. While many people tend to run in to the salon with their bottle of lotion in hand it is a much better idea to apply your tanning lotion before you come in for your tanning session. Applying your lotion before you tan will give your skin plenty of time to absorb the lotion and it will also allow you plenty of time to ensure that you get even coverage from your lotion as noted in last weeks dark tanning tip of the week!

Final Dark Tanning Tip Thoughts

While todays dark tanning tip may not be the biggest secret in the tanning industry it is a tanning tip that will leave you with a deep and even tan each and every time!

Your Turn

Do you have someone help you to apply your indoor tanning lotion or do you apply it yourself? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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