Before and After Tanning Pictures from Sasha

by Extreme John on March 4, 2010

Chances are if your one of our daily readers or connect with us through any of our social networking profiles you probably heard about our Tan for Cash $1000 random giveaway, something fun for the 2010 indoor tanning season and our tanning clients. A few days ago we reminded everyone that the Tan for Cash giveaway is something that any Extreme Tan and Smoothies tanner can get involved in, tanning bed, spray tanning and mobile airbrush customers included.

Anyway, I wanted to jump on today and share on of our fan photo submissions here on the Extreme Tan and Smoothies blog as a way of saying, “Thank you” to Sasha for connecting with us via our Facebook Fan Page and for taking the time to submit before and after tanning pictures. Don’t worry we checked with Sasha before coming up with the brilliant idea to post her before and after pictures, Sasha was nice enough to give us the green light! Wahoo! THANK YOU SASHA!

Before Tanning Picture

Before Tanning Picture

After Tanning Picture

After Tanning Picture

Special thanks again to Sasha for tanning with Extreme Tan and Smoothies, connecting with us on Facebook, submitting pictures for Tan for Cash and being nice enough to allow us to share them here on our tanning blog.

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