8 Reasons Tanning at a Tanning Salon is Better Then Tanning in the Sun

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  • April 5, 2011

Have you ever really wondered what the benefits to tanning at the tanning salon are versus tanning in the sun? There are actually quite a few benefits that many people don’t even think of when it comes to tanning at the salon!

8 Reasons to Tan at a Tanning Salon Rather Than at the Beach

1. Indoor Tanners are More Responsible with Skin Protection

On average indoor tanners are more responsible about using tanning lotions to protect their skin while they tan. This concern for skin health could be due to a desire for a perfect tan or a desire to keep skin healthy but either way indoor tanners make better choices as far as tanning lotion use.

2. Indoor Tanners Have Softer Skin

People who tan indoors utilize specially formulated indoor tanning lotions that most times also contain moisturizing ingredients to keep skin soft and hydrated! Many tanning salons also encourage their clients to use after tan moisturizers to help to maintain healthy levels of moisture in skin.

3. Indoor Tanners Have Less Chance of Overexposure

Where outdoor tanners can sit out in the sun all day not realizing how much sun they are getting and how burned their skin is going to be afterward, indoor tanners have a close way to monitor their exposure to the “sun.” When tanning beds are on timers tanners can accurately measure the amount of exposure that their skin has had to the “sun” and after that specific time limit is over there is no chance of being overexposed or burnt when a tanner is aware of their tanning limitations.

4. Indoor Tanners Can Use Spray Tanning

Indoor tanners also have the option of taking advantage of spray tanning, a completely UV free method of tanning that provides all of the bronze with none of the skin damage that can come from tanning under the sun!

5. Indoor Tanners Can Use Self Tanning Lotions

Some indoor tanners choose to utilize self tanning lotions and sprays like the Spray Tan Can, another great way to tan without experiencing any of the risks of sun exposure and lessening the cost of spray tanning!

6. Indoor Tanners Can Be Tan Line Free!

It is generally frowned upon to tan naked on a public beach and even if it weren’t most people are too modest to parade around naked in front of a crowd of strangers. The benefit to using all of the different variations of indoor tanning; however, is that you can always tan without getting those pesky tan lines that beach front tanning requires to avoid public indecency charges!

7. Indoor Tanners Get Faster Tanning Results

Whether indoor tanners choose to use spray tanning, tanning bed tanning or self tanning lotions the fact is that all of these indoor tanning methods yield much faster tanning results! A couple of 15 minute sessions, a single spray tan or one can of the Spray Tan Can will leave you with a nice bronze base where you would otherwise have to spend hours out in the sun!

8. Indoor Tanners Can Tan Year Round

Even on a rainy day when beachgoers are stuck inside wishing the sun would come out, indoor tanners are able to make use of their favorite sunless tanning method! Sunless tanners can tan year round through sun, sleet, rain or fog where beachgoers have to wait for sunny days that aren’t so unbearably hot that they can’t stand to lay on that scolding sand!

Final Indoor Tanning Benefit Thoughts

There are a number of reasons that people choose to utilize indoor tanning versus tanning in the sun and for most people there is a culmination of reasons that make indoor tanning the best solution for them.

Your Turn

Why do you prefer to tan indoors rather than in the sun? Leave us a comment and let us know below!

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  • Extreme John says:

    Let’s touch on #3. I went to Fort De Soto park this weekend for the Next Bottle Model calendar shoot and ended up cooking my entire forehead. I haven’t been burnt in a tanning bed ever.

    I would also like to add that after the great weather this weekend, just about everyone I’ve come in contact with has some form of sun burn.

  • Jackie Gates says:

    This is a great article for all the non-believers!!! I have been tanning at ETAS for about 3 months now, and have NEVER burned!! the lotions are great!! I was terrified of the spray tan and have had it done twice now!! i love the spray! The beach is fun, but uncontrolled exposure to the sun is dangerous! And painful!! And will only leave you looking like a lobster instead of bronzed!!

  • This is a great list with valid points. I know I hate getting burned by the sun AND sand – ouch!!

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