5 Ways to Get Tan Before a Vacation

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  • July 6, 2011

Hopefully you have managed to snag some time off work this summer to get a little relaxation on a summer vacation. Whether you plan on hopping around amusement parks or laying out on the beach, no one wants to show up for summer vacation with legs so white they belong in a vampire novel. So what can you do about that pale complexion with relatively little time to do it in? We have a few ideas!

5 Before Vacation Tanning Methods You Should Use

1. Self Tanning Lotion

Great for a last thought tanning idea and available from your local Extreme Tan and Smoothies salon or online!

2. Self Tanning Foam

A newer self tanning product on the market, this option allows self tanning without the streaking that some over the counter products provide!

3. Self Tanning Cream

Another great last thought idea to get that tan nice and dark before heading out to the beach, just remember how long this product needs to dry before you head out to the surf and sand!

4. Spray Tan Can

Ideal for a quick touch up or an all over tan if you have left it until the last minute and available from your local Extreme Tan and Smoothies salon or online!

5. Personal Airbrush Tan

The best choice when it comes to getting a precision applied tan that suits your skin tone and looks naturally bronzed. This option is available only from your local Extreme Tan and Smoothies indoor tanning salon.

Final Pre-Vacation Tanning Thoughts

Some people may think it’s silly to tan before heading out to the beach but for those who have a naturally fair complexion winter time lack of sunshine can cause embarrassingly pale legs!

Your Turn

Do you tan before hitting the beach or heading out on your summer vacation? What is your preferred method of pre-vacation tanning? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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