5 Tips to Get the Best Tan from Tanning Bed Lotion

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  • February 5, 2011

We know that getting a deep, dark, healthy tan is a big priority for just about all of you that came here looking for tips on how to get the best tan from your tanning lotion. We don’t blame you, everyone around here wants the best possible tan. Achieving the best tan doesn’t mean that you have to put your health or your skin at risk, you can tan responsibly using indoor tanning tips to get the perfect, safe, healthy tan.

Here’s a few tips for getting those results you want by picking and using a quality indoor tanning lotion.

Get the Best Tan from Your Tanning Lotion

1. Ask a Tanning Consultant

Certified tanning consultants will help you decide on the lotion that is best for your skin type, which in turn will give you the best tanning results.

Juicy Code Tanning Lotion

Juicy Code Tanning Lotion

2. Buy In Store or Online from Trusted Sources

Make sure that you purchase your tanning bed lotion from a known and trusted indoor tanning salon company. Purchasing tanning lotion on eBay and other online outlets that claim to sell lotion for cheap can result in lotions that are out dated, watered down, spoiled, and not authentic.

3. Even Lotion Application

Many tanning lotions contain cosmetic or natural bronzers, make sure you apply your lotion generously, yet evenly on all areas of your body. This will ensure an even dark beautiful tan.

4. Stay Consistent

Don’t lotion hop once you decide on a tanning lotion, give it a chance to work for you and see what long term tan benefits it offers for you. Many lotions that seem to get off to a slow tanning start often provide the best long lasting tan.

5. Ignite Your Tan

Take a moment to read over, “How to Use Tanning Lotion for Best Results” it suggest applying your tanning lotion 30 minutes prior to tanning in a tanning bed. Be sure to read the article because it also refers to tingle tanning lotions and offers additional tanning tips.

6. Always Try Before You Buy

Don’t jump into buying the first bottle of tanning lotion you see unless your tanning consultant suggests it and you have a good relationship. Purchasing a tanning lotion that you don’t like won’t do you any good because chances are you will just stop using it.


Do you have any tips that you can offer for getting the best results from an indoor tanning lotion? If so we would love to hear them, leave a comment with your tips for achieving the best tan.

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