5 Indoor Tanning Tips

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  • November 5, 2009

As the indoor tanning season approaches quickly indoor tanners have started to search for the best tanning tips on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Finding tanning tips for indoor tanning can be a tough task even with all of the tanning blogs and various indoor tanning websites, the fact is that there simply is not enough daily updated tanning blogs to supply accurate and current tanning information.

Extreme Tan and Smoothies, Inc. has been working closely with indoor tanning clients and the indoor tanning industry for over five years, we constantly strive to provide the best information about indoor tanning possible. It is extremely important for us to stay current with information in order to ensure that our client’s receive the best possible tan by using the best indoor tanning lotions and by taking the time to properly educate our customers.

5 Tanning Tips

  1. Choose a tanning salon with a nationally certified staff
  2. Always wear protective eye wear
  3. Use an after tan moisturizer three times daily
  4. Use a high quality indoor tanning lotion
  5. Avoid showering within six hours of tanning

We could probably easily put together a list that contains 20 indoor tanning tips, instead we wanted to put together a simple list of ways to make sure you achieve a dark bronze tan and get that tan as quickly as possible. It’s always important to purchase your tanning lotion and after tan moisturizers directly from a certified tanning salon as this ensures that your tanning lotion or tanning products are not watered down, tampered with or old which can cause “white spots”.

More Tanning Tips

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