5 Funny Tan Lines

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  • December 8, 2010

I’m not sure if I feel a little zanny from all of the cold weather we’ve been having here in sunny Florida the last  few days or what it is, but I feel like posting something a little fun today. There’s nothing wrong with a good early morning laugh at the expense of Kim Kardashian and some other folks who have some very funny tan lines, or as you’ll see some terrible tan lines.

Funny Tan Lines

1. Kim Kardashian Bad Tan Lines

Kim Kardashian Tan Lines

Kim Kardashian tweeted the picture above during one of her vacations last year, always memorable.

2. Bad Hat Tan Line

Hat Tan Lines

3. Weird Tan Lines

Silly Tan Lines

4. Strappy Back Tan Lines

Girl Tan Lines

5. Really Bad Tan Lines

Speedo Tan Lines

Have you ever had a bad experience with tan lines or some tan lines that made you laugh? Leave a comment and share your funny tan lines experience.

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