5 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Men 2011

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  • December 15, 2010

As the 2011 tanning bed and sunless tanning salon season gets ready to move into full swing we find ourselves going through our 2011 tanning lotion reviews to find the best indoor tanning lotion for men in 2011. Thanks to popular reality shows like The Jersey Shore and tanning salons making male tanners feel more welcome more, and more men are tanning in tanning beds and taking advantage of sunless tanning options.

We want our male tanners to achieve the best tanning results by easily finding a tanning lotion to use during the 2011 tanning season, we figured putting together a quick list of the best indoor tanning lotions for men would make it easy. In 2010 we wrote a similar article about which lotions our male tanners reviewed as the best tanning lotions and it seemed as if everyone found the article useful.

5 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Men

Best Tanning Lotion for Men

1. Twisted: Bronzing, Cooling, Dark Tanner

All though Twisted is a late release by Extreme Tan and Smoothies for the 2011 tanning season it still managed to achieve the best reviews by our male tanning clients and associates during the review process. I can’t really say that it’s a surprise, Twisted is a fast drying indoor tanning lotion with bronzer that provides instant dark tanning results while delivering a warm tingle action followed up by a comforting, cooling action.

2. Kick Start: Instant Tanning Lotion

Kick Start is an excellent tanning bed lotion for men because it’s loaded with 4 protein based Aminos with a base of Aloe that allows for intense hydration and the fast production of melanin to allow for a faster, darker tan.

3. Pale to Perfect: Takes You White to Black

Who wants to be super pale white? Not many people that hang around here, that’s for sure. not to mention when you’re super pale you want to go from white to black instantly, or in this case Pale to Perfect. One of our highest reviewed tanning lotions of 2011 due it’s fast, dark tanning results.

4. Confusion: Tingle and Cooling Action

Taking your tan to the next level might require you to break a tanning plateau, the dual action powerful tingle and cooling that Confusion offers will help break any tan plateau. This bronzer free silicone based tanning lotion goes on and dries instantly, one of the characteristics that makes Confusion a popular tanning lotion amongst men.

5. Frost: Cooling Mega Bronzer

It might seem weird that with tanning season being mainly a winter sport that a cooling indoor tanning lotion would be on our list of most popular or best tanning lotions for men in 2011. All though it’s a little weird it makes complete sense, Frost offers dark tanning results and allows you to head back to the office or out on the town by reducing sweat while you tan due to it’s unique cooling action.

Final Tanning Lotion Thoughts

Finding the perfect indoor tanning lotion so that you achieve the best results comes down to your own personal opinion. Be sure to try tanning lotions before you buy them, most tanning salons offer sample packets or trial lotion cups. Make sure you get the best value out of your new 2011 tanning lotion.

Your Turn

Now that we shared with you the tanning lotions that our indoor tanning clients found to be the best for men, take a moment to leave a comment below and share your favorite tanning bed lotion.

P.s. It is important to note that all of the tanning bed lotions above are excellent tanning lotions for woman as well.

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  • Haley says:

    The only one Ive tried so far since Im new kind of to indoor tanning, Is Sinful Kiss and that one works amazinggly! I for sure recommend itt.

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