5 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions 2011

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  • December 16, 2010

The quest for the best tanning lotions 2011 continues. We recently shared the “5 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Men” with you after going through some of our indoor tanning lotion reviews. Now that we have that we finished that post we figured now would be a great time to get some information posted about what indoor tanning lotions our customers thought were the best indoor tanning lotions of 2011.

Don’t forget to share what tanning lotion you feel is the best indoor tanning bed lotion of the 2011 tanning season below in the comments section, we would love to hear your feedback. You can also jump on our Facebook Fan Page to see what tanning lotions our friends are talking about.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for 2011

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion 2011

1. Elite Couture

Easily our most popular indoor tanning lotion for 2011 and it’s no surprise, Elite Couture delivers brilliant dark tanning results and the results can be seen instantly. Elite Couture is our highest rated tanning lotion at Extreme Tan and Smoothies for the 2011 tanning lotion season.

2. Juicy Code

Such a sexy name and for very good reason, Juicy Code will leave your skin looking juicy, healthy and of course nicely tanned without that over bronzed skin look. Juicy Code doesn’t fall far behind Elite Couture when it comes to high quality tanning lotion for 2011, only 3 review points separated the two lotions from the top ranking.

Juicy Code Review Quote:

I dont tan as easily as others my stickers never seem to show up, but with using Juicy Code you can see amazing results compared to where my sticker was.

3. Sinful Kiss

Shimmering, shiny, and sexy bronze! Sinful Kiss leaves your skin with a beautiful shimmer over your amazing dark tan, Sinful Kiss is the perfect tanning lotion to get you tan for a last minute event or function and with the kiss of shimmer you’re easily the hottest one at the party.

4. Pale to Perfect

With Pale to Perfect everything is so simple, going from pale white to black has never been faster or easier. Pale to Perfect offers instant dark tanning results and has been one of the best reviewed tanning lotions for 2011 because of it’s ability to get you dark during that last minute tan.

5. Sinful Treat

Spinning off of another great indoor tanning lotion (Sinful Kiss), Sinful Treat offers the same instant dark tanning results without the shimmering bronzer that can be found in Sinful Kiss. If you’re looking for the best shimmer free bronzing tanning lotion for 2011, Sinful Treat is a fan favorite.

Final Indoor Tanning Lotion Thoughts

Deciding on the best tanning lotion for your 2011 tanning season will certainly be a tough choice with so many excellent lotions coming out this year. We recommend trying different tanning lotions before you buy, and it’s always a good idea to read articles like, “How to Use Tanning Bed Lotion for Best Results

Your Thoughts

Now that we shared our customers picks for the best indoor tanning lotions for 2011 we want you to take a moment to share your favorite tanning bed lotion for 2011. Leave a comment below to share what your favorites are, is it tanning lotion by Extreme Tan and Smoothies or by a national brand like Designer Skin or California Tan.

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