5 Best After Tan Moisturizers

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  • October 29, 2009

One of the most important ingredients to a healthy natural dark tan is having moisturized and hydrated healthy skin, and using the proper after tan moisturizer can be the difference between reaching new plateau’s in tanning and feeling like your not getting any darker.

Extreme Tan and Smoothies carries the latest indoor tanning moisturizers for the 2010 tanning season, after trying the new moisturizers for the 2010 tanning season and reviewing customer feedback, sales data and product reviews we compiled this list of the 5 Best After Tan Moisturizers.

5 Best After Tan Moisturizers

  1. Love My Couture by Devoted Creations
  2. Total Luxury by Devoted Creations
  3. H.I.M Moisturizer for Men by Devoted Creations
  4. Rain by Supre
  5. Tinted Love by Designer Skin

All of the moisturizers and after tan moisturizers that we carry can be used after tanning outdoors as well as after tanning indoors at your favorite tanning salon. Please remember that Extreme Tan and Smoothies can order any moisturizer or tanning product from any of our six locations.

If your interested in indoor tanning products be sure to check out the 5 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions of 2010, and you might want to consider taking a moment to connect with us on our Facebook Fan Page or subscribe to our mailing list. You can even follow us on Twitter @etasflorida

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  • Tina says:

    Honestly, I’m not very educated in skin care yet! I do know you’ll want to lean tordwas an oil-free moisturizer. I hear really good things about Proactive. I also have heard about a natural moisture (which you’ll like to hear) called Bee Yummy Skin Food which reminded me of Skin Food (which I heard about at a makeup class) that is good for you skin (especially dry skin). But I haven’t tried either of them. Lastly, I have been reading about Kate Somervile cosmetics and I see that they make an oil-free moisturizer that is more expensive but it looks good?! Sorry, I hope that helps a bit!