3 Reasons to Use Moisturizer After Tanning

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  • May 2, 2011

While many tanners know the importance of utilizing a good quality indoor tanning lotion when they are tanning, many tanners often forget the importance of utilizing a moisturizer after their tanning experience!

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Moisturizer After Tanning

1. Using Moisturizer After Tanning Helps Skin Stay Hydrated

In order to remain healthy, skin needs moisture and tanning can sometimes take some of the moisture out of skin so it is important to replenish that moisture in the skin by using an after tan moisturizer.

2. Using Moisturizer Helps to Extend the Life of a Tan

As mentioned above, after tan moisturizer helps skin to remain hydrated which is also an important factor in extending the life of a tan. When skin is dry it can become flaky and as skin flakes off it takes with it some of the tan that tanners work so hard to obtain!

3. Using Moisturizer Helps to Reduce Signs of Aging

Signs of aging are inevitable but individuals with dry and tight skin are more likely to have increased visible signs of aging than those with well moisturized skin. Using a good quality after tan moisturizer will help skin maintain its elasticity and show fewer signs of aging.

Final Moisturizer Thoughts

Using a good quality moisturizer is a great idea regardless of whether or not you are an indoor tanner. As an indoor tanner; however, it is crucial to replenish the moisture in skin in order to maintain the health of skin as well as the longevity of a tan!

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