3 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Men

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  • November 8, 2009

We have had plenty of time to listen to customer feedback and read through our associate tanning lotion reviews here at Extreme Tan and Smoothies and we feel confident that we have a list of the 3 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Men. Sorry ladies we already posted the 3 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion for Woman a few days ago.

As most tanning addicts know the secret to the darkest tan possible starts and ends with an excellent moisturizer, however if your going to get the darkest tan possible your going to need a high quality indoor tanning lotion.

Best Tanning Lotions for Men


Best Indoor Tanning Lotion for Men

1. Elite Couture

Elite Couture

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2. Frost

Frost for Man

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3. Tropical Blend

Tropical Blend Tanning Lotion

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For the perfect deep dark tan be sure to check out the best after tan moisturizer for men, Cool Couture.

Extreme Tan and Smoothies carries the full line of 2011 indoor tanning products by Extreme Tanning Lotion, as well as the top selling products from providers like Designer Skin, Supre and California Tan. Visit any of our  locations in Pinellas County Florida and get the best possible tan with the best possible tanning lotions at the best tanning salon in Florida.

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  • Tanners swear by Devoted Code. The results are amazing, smell is unisex and the feel of the lotion is very high end.

    My favorite for men is Couture Sport. It’s blended with Diesel cologne so ladies beware…. The smell is powerful aphrodisiac! Even after getting hot and sweaty in a tanning bed, the scent is still unbelievable…..

    The results from Reborn are SICK! It is packed with every kind of bronzer imaginable. It also has cocoa butter, which helps seal in moisture in the skin to tan better. The scent is unisex and gets better as it heats up in the bed. Great for instant results!

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